I love mate

but not when it makes me stay awake the whole night 8DD



Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

ah yes, lower pain pain

Saludos de Chileeeee!!

I have been suuper busy this month, a lot of life changing things have happened in a short time and this is actually the first night Im spending alone at my room hahaha. My Spanish is getting better and Im happy about it. Also have learned a lot during these weeks, the reeeelaaaxed life attitude is taking its place in my attitude too, very happy! Just could see the contrast between how I feel in finland and how I feel here…. very eye/opening I would say. Now Ive given up the constant unhappiness with my life and started to enjoy things. Not feeling bad of not excersising, not feeling bad about eating a bit bad just generally more stress free!

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